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Smartly stream your favorites on Smart TV. Roku!

Make a traditional TV into a Smart TV!- How?

Roku enables you to get plenty of channels and streaming services through which you can make an older TV set into Smart TV. At first, Roku is a company that produces a family of media streaming devices that runs the Roku software. This set is affordable and does not require any subscription fee to make use of any features of the Roku players.

This Roku enables you to stream all paid and no cost video contents on your TV using the internet. Moreover, Roku offers services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and a lot more. You can add your favorite channels by just pressing the OK button!

How does the Roku streaming device work?

Roku players can make it quick and affordable to view your favorite TV. It enacts as the home for all your happiness and entertainment so you can streamline the setup, give back all the expensive cable gadgets, and stream what just you love by saving your money.

Different models to stream your love!

  1. Roku Express and Express+
  2. Roku Ultra
  3. Roku Streaming Stick+/Roku streaming stick
  4. Roku TV
  5. Roku Premiere
  6. Roku Ultra LT

Traits of Roku players!

VOICE SEARCH comes first. This on screen menu is quick to reach all the requirements like adding the channel etc. The model that consists of voice enables remote control you can use the Voice search option to find your favorites.

TV EVERYWHERE SINGLE SIGN ON, and this can reduce the need to sign in to the TV Everywhere channels immediately, and this also permits you to store about 30 channel sign ons

It is THE ROKU CHANNEL, comes next. This might serve as the gateway for thousands of internet streaming services and channels and can offer no cost movies and TV shows and also gives Live news and Sports.

Whats the 4K SPOTLIGHT CHANNEL? An extra special on screen menu option offers 4K content via categories like genre, and it appears only when the 4K the player recognized that it is connected to the 4K Ultra HD TV

SMART GUIDE can bind both the over the air TV channel listing with streaming channel app listings. Here, you can list your favorites, and while streaming, the content enables you to play from the starting or resume playback from a particular point.

ROKU SEARCH FOR OVER THE AIR CONTENT used to search the content via over the air in combination

 VOICE CONTROL allows you to search and launch the apps and can also be used to switch TV inputs and tune all the local broadcast channel

Next on the list is the FAST TV START, that permits the user to power on the TV and reach the particular over the air TV channel or access a streaming channel app

PERSONAL LISTENING FOR ROKU TV, is available on specific TV’s of Roku, and users can listen to the antenna received through the headphones. Your music is only for you using this features

THE ROKU APP can be utilized as a replacement for the Roku remote by enabling the remote icon on the app

HOTEL AND DORM ROOM CONNECT helps you to stream when you are at a hotel or a college dorm. All that you will need is a Wi-Fi connection and sing in to the captive portal page and get linked to the Roku streaming device

Making My old TV to Smart TV by connecting Roku!

Here are the guidelines to install the Roku device on your Smart TV: 

What do you get with the box?

Roku streaming player Power adapter Roku remote HDMI cable Batteries
  • At first, plug one end of the HDMI Cable to the Roku device and the other end to HDMI port on your TV. Make sure to note the port number that has the Roku device. After that, attach one end of the cable connector to the Roku device and other end to the electrical outlet.
  • Now, power on the TV and select the correct HDMI input of the Roku device. And now, you will get the Roku logo on your TV screen. Secondly, pick the language using the arrow buttons on the Roku remote and press OK
How to connect the Roku device to Wi-Fi?
At first, on the network page, the Roku device will scan for all the available Wi-Fi networks
Secondly, scroll up and down to find your wireless network
Choose the network by highlighting it and press OK
Moreover, provide the password using the on-screen keyboard and press OK
Finally, the Roku device get access of internet from your wireless network
  • Thirdly, after connecting to the wireless network, the Roku device will update to its newer version. Next, make sure to confirm the Display settings by choosing the Set Display Type and enable the setup to run
  • Similarly, you can set up the Roku remote and pair it with the device. Most importantly, now you will get the Roku activation code on your TV screen
  • And this is the Roku link code that you will enter in . Moreover, if you don’t have a Roku account make sure to build one via the Roku sign up site. Finally, activate the Roku device using the Roku activation code via 

Building up My Roku account

Simple guidelines to build the Roku account and do it as per the instructions:

  1. At first, you have to open a web browser on a computer that has the same network access as the Roku device. After that, head to the Roku sign up site and click the sign up option
  2. In the next page, you must fill in the application to get your account. Secondly, provide a valid email address that you are using to get all the information regarding the Roku activities. thirdly, make a secure password for your account using all the characters specified
  3. Most importantly, now you need to pay the bucks to get your account. Thirdly, pick the mode of payment, and it can be either PayPal or Credit card method
  4. Moreover, provide your billing information and pay your bucks. Finally, once the payment is made the Roku account will be yours. Now, you can start to add the channels on your Roku streaming device and make sure to activate them

What is the Roku activation code?

This is the link code that you get once after the device setup process on your TV screen. Similarly, you have to enter this code into that’s how you will start with the activation process. Moreover, only after providing this code, the device gets activated, and then you can start with the addition and activation of the channel on your Roku device

How do I activate Hulu on Roku?

Firstly, First, you need to sync the Roku to start the activation steps. Then open the channel hub and search for the Hulu channel on the find tab. Once you get the result and add the channel by tapping on the ADD CHANNEL option. Now the channel icon will appear on the screen. If not, then check that there is any software update on the Roku. If yes, then process the steps for the software update. After completing the software update, ensure that you find the channel on the Roku screen.

How to get My Roku activation code?

You can get your Roku Roku activation code in several ways:
  1. Firstly, set up the Roku device and the Roku activation code will appear on your TV screen
  2. Secondly, press the Star button on the Roku remote and get the activation code
  3. Thirdly, sign in to the registered Roku account using the credentials
  4. After that, you must reach the Players section to receive the link code
  5. This will show up your Link code on the screen
  6. Finally, visit the activation site and enter the code to start with the activation

What are the common Roku activation issues?

Here are the guidelines to fix the Roku activation errors:
  1. Roku account login error
  2. Internet connectivity issues
  3. Roku activation code error
  4. Software error
  5. Hardware issue
  6. Roku account error

Activating My Roku device via 

  1. After completing the Roku device set up completely, you will get the Roku activation code on your TV screen. After that, make a correct note of the link code and open a web browser on a computer that has the same access as the Roku device
  2. Similarly, visit to provide the Roku link code. On the other hand, input the code in the text box without any errors in site. Finally, check the code twice and click the Activate Now button to start up with the activation process
  3. Add the channels as per your wish via the Roku account or from the Roku channels store. Moreover, incorrect code in the text box can lead to some errors during the activation process, and you will have to perform it again

Troubleshooting steps to solve Roku activation errors

Here are the guidelines to fix the Roku activation errors:

At first, make sure you do not punch in the wrong activation code in the text box. After that, make sure to check for the network connection as it may a reason. Secondly, verify whether the setup is done properly. Next, make use of some other web browser to reach Moreover, check for the basic cable connections of your Roku device. In case, if the Roku code is not available on the TV screen, get the code by holding the star button on your Roku remote

  1. Roku account login error-Check and verify the Roku account credentials used.
  2. Internet connectivity issues-Never use the slow speed and inactive network and if the connection is slow, switch to a good speed network that can offer better streaming output.
  3. Software error-Update the device software to the latest version to overcome software error. Use the Settings >System > System update
  4. Roku activation code error-Collect a new code if the existing code is not working
  5. Hardware issue–Use good quality cables to connect your Roku device to the TV and If the cables are faulty, try replacing it with a new one
  6. Roku account error- If the existing Roku account is not working, you can try creating a new account. Also, set a Roku account Pin to prevent unauthorized usage.
  7. If the errors remain even after troubleshooting, it’s better to replace your device with a new one. Besides, check the device reviews to select the best Roku device.

How to install My Favorite channels on the Roku streaming device?

Preceding are the step by step instructions to add the channel to your Roku device:
  1. First of all, reach the Roku channel store by scrolling to the left side of the Roku home screen. Before that get the screen by holding the home button on the Roku remote
  2. Similarly, search for your favorite channel among the famous streamers. Moreover, if you did not get it there, then, input the name of the channel in the find bar of the channel store
  3. Secondly, wait for the results, get your app and highlight it. On the other hand, choose the Add channel option using the remote and press the OK button
  4. This will start with the downloading process of your favorite channel. After that, launch the channel on your Roku streaming device. This will throw the channel activation code on the TV screen
  5. Make a note of the code and visit the activation site of the channel. Provide the code in the text box without any mistake, and you can choose the pay TV provider if available
  6. Finally, click the Submit button to begin up the activation procedure. Have fun watching your lovable TV shows and movies on big TV screen using Roku

What are Roku private channels?

The Roku private channel is also called the Roku hidden channels, which is not approved and not accessible under the Roku channel store, and it must be downloaded manually. Get these channels by visiting your Roku account and add them to your channel list

Here is a record of private channels on Roku:

  • Weather Radar
  • Kool TV
  • Creature Cast
  • FreeJack TV
  • Video Podcast Player
  • Multi Live
  • Viki
  • The Odeon Theater
  • Force One Networkz Live
  • Bill O’ Reilly
  • Monster FM
  • Redbox Beta
  • Spanish Time
  • Zelda Longplays 3 of 3
  • Meteroid Long plays
  • Complete through video games
  • Radio sovereign solid gold

What is the use of the Roku app?

This Roku app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can make use of this as a replacement for the Roku remote. It also enhances efficiently as the Roku remote, and you can perform the following using it

  1. At first, using this you can access the channel on your Roku directly from the app
  2. After that, using this you can add or remove the channel from the Roku account
  3. Secondly, using the mic of your mobile phone you can perform voice commands
  4. Similarly, it also makes use of the phone’s keyboard for quickly entering the text
  5. Moreover, pairs a set of wired or wireless earphones for personal listening and this shall work for both the Roku content on phone and Roku device
  6. Finally, you can also cast photos and videos that are saved on your mobile phone

If you want to clarify any queries or in need of further information on Roku streaming player, features, its activation process, then feel free to talk with our specialized expert team for their kind assistance